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Adventure in Nature and History

Individual roundtrip: Adventure in Nature & History
Duration: 15 days/14 nights, 9 destinations
Price: 889 €/person incl.VAT

Your Smart journey will be an intensive city hopping, the accommodation will be organized in 9 different towns for the period of 15 days. For a short period, you will dive into the diverse Bulgarian landscape and heritage.
Perfect match for adventurers who like changing places and having a new experience every day.

Duration: 15 days, 14 nights

Routes: For the duration of 15 days, you will travel on 9 days not considering the day trips
1 day: around 1.5 hours
3 days: around 2-2.5 hours
4 days: around 3- 3.5 hours
1 day: around 4 hours

Mountains in the program: 4 (Rila, Pirin, Rhodope, Stara Planina)

Our style: 50 pages tour guidebook personally crafted based on your individual agenda stretching back to the past, rich in national traditions, curious facts and uncovering the layers of the Bulgarian identity.


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Map Adventure in Nature and History
Individual tours in Bulgaria


Your Smart Route:

1 Day

Our representative will welcome you at the Sofia airport and will provide you a glimpse to your next days and some tips for the tour.
Based on your program you will have a walk with a tour guide (approximately 2 hours) who will walk you to the most famous sites in the city highlighted in a curious perspective, will show you a different angle to the traditional sightseeing spots and uncover secluded city treasures.

Accommodation in the top center of Sofia + Breakfast

• Smart Option 1: We offer accommodation in an artistically decorated apartment with a cozy atmosphere equipped with everything you will need for your stay.

• Smart Option 2: Traditional accommodation in a 4-star hotel with all classic amenities.

Sofia Walking Tour

2 Day

Early in the morning, the rent-a-car will be delivered at your disposal and you can head to one of the most iconic nature phenomena of Bulgaria: the magnificent 7 Rila Lakes (approximately 2 hours’ drive).

Their crystal-clear waters, the surrounding green pastoral idyll, snow-white bonnets of small melting glaciers and the meandering little rivers will become a lasting memory who will never fade.

You can shorten the distance to the lakes with a lift, from there you will have an exhilarating walk to the magical lakes (approximately 4 hours to go around them by foot). The best time to visit is from July till the end of September.

Your accommodation will be organized in a small family hotel nestled at the doorstep of Rila mountain.

7 Rila Lakes Bubreka the Kidney

3 Day

The main attraction for the day is one of the masterpieces of the Bulgarian culture and architecture: the UNESCO heritage site: Rila Monastery (approximately 1-hour drive).

It is one of the symbols of Bulgaria, the biggest and most important Bulgarian monastery. Rila Monastery has always been the spiritual, educational and cultural center of Bulgaria.

From there you can head to the south direction (around 2 hours) to the smallest town in Bulgaria.

The accommodation is organized in a cozy house protected as a monument and carefully renovated. The furniture, the wine house, and the restaurant resemble the spirit of the Revival period surrounded by the apocalyptic hills around the town.

Rila Monastery Unesco Heritage Bulgaria

3A Optional Additional Day

(extension of the Smart tour for 16 days, 15 nights)

Have a more relaxed time to go around the smallest town in Bulgaria. We will provide you with additional suggestions for the area what to see and visit:

• Explore the extraordinary geological phenomenon: The Sandstone Pyramids. The walk is an active sports exercise, where you will walk around 30 minutes to reach the scenic panoramic site.

• Visit the Wine Museum in the smallest Bulgarian town, where you can learn interesting facts about the wine history in the region.

• Visit an area with a big concentration of cosmic energy, where the most famous Bulgarian clairvoyant lived. The area is nestled at the doorstep of the former volcano which explains the hot mineral springs in the region.

• A trip to the closed city famous with its spa centers with mineral water and nice parks.

Second night in the smallest town in Bulgaria in the cozy house protected as a monument.

Sandstone Pyramids Stob travel in Rila

4 Day

Today the tour continues in the heart of the Rhodope Mountain, with the main attraction The Devil’s Throat Cave (approximately 3 hours), а real journey of discovery, touching the atmosphere of the mysterious and awe-inspiring underground kingdom where Orpheus was searching his wife Eurydice.

The water from the Trigrad River falls from a height of 42 meters down the cave’s “throat”, making it the highest underground waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula.
You will find tips in the tour guidebook about the interesting spots in this area (caves, hiking routes, etc.).

Accommodation in a village in the Rhodope Mountain. It combines traditional architecture and contemporary design. This is a place where the time stops and the senses are getting opened. The hotel has an offering for horse riding where you will get closer to the beauty and culture of Bulgaria and will feel the power and energy of this ancient land.

Devil's throat Trigrad Orpheus

5 Day

Your next destination is Plovdiv.

We recommend a layover in a Rhodope village which is an Architectural Reserve. It is famous for its beautiful, authentic Rhodope houses that lie amphitheatrically on both sides of the river (apprоximately 1 hour).

Another recommended layover is the spectacular rock phenomenon The Wonder Bridges (approximately 1 hour). After enjoying the magnificent marble bridges (30 minutes/1 hours walk around the bridges), you can head to Plovdiv one of the oldest cities in Europe (approximately 2 hours).

Plovdiv is the first Bulgarian city chosen to be European Capital of Culture. In 2019, it will celebrate the most prestigious cultural initiative of the European Union.

Accommodation in Plovdiv
Your accommodation is a family hotel designed in the style of old Plovdiv and will welcome you with the charm of old times and making your stay an unforgettable experience. It is located in the old town center of the city and minutes’ walk from the center of the modern city so you can enjoy conveniently the vivid nightlife.

Wonder Bridges Travel in Rhodope

6 Day

Based on your program you will have a walk with a tour guide (approximately 2 hours) who will walk you to the most famous sites in the city highlighted in a curious perspective, will show you a different angle to the traditional sightseeing spots and uncover secluded city treasures.

You can enjoy some free time today, lingering in the cafes, chilling out on the main street Glavnata, immersing in the charming old town. You can explore Kapana artistic quarter, the Roman Amphitheatre, the Roman Stadium, the Ethnographic Museum and many more on your own.

More about the most stunning places in Plovdiv, you can get from our tour guidebook.

Second accommodation on Plovdiv.

Plovdiv amphitheatre Cultural Capital 2019

7-9 Day

Your next destination is the Black Sea Riviera (approximately 3.5 hours), where you will spend the next 3 days.

We have different options for accommodation and entertainment:
• A nature reserve where the visitors may take riverboat trip to view the region’s rich assortment of birds and plant life.
• Ancient towns, romantic atmosphere, art ambiance
• Idyllic beaches with iconic surrounding woodland

3 Accommodations at Black sea.

We will offer you 2 options for accommodation.
Family owned hotel in one of the charming ancient towns, one of the pearls at the Bulgarian coastline appealing with its art atmosphere, cobblestone streets, and pleasant restaurants.
A small hotel in secluded small sea village, surrounded by the restorative power of nature. Beautiful scenery, soul-stirring views to the picturesque river, and the excellent beaches are part of the magic of this place.

Silistar beach Sinemorets

10 Day

Your journey continues in the Valley of the Roses and Thracian Kings (approximately 3 hours).
The Rose Damascena is the greatest treasure in the region. The rose was imported into Bulgaria centuries ago, and today it is one of the nation’s symbols.
The country’s largest and best preserved Thracian tombs are found here, and they are included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They are one of the most significant monuments of the Thracian culture in the Bulgarian lands.

Accommodation in a small hotel in the center of the Valley of the Roses and Thracian Kings. From there you conveniently can visit all prominent sightseeing places in the region: museums, tombs, rose distillery, and many more.

Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak Valley of Roses

11 Day

Your next destination is Veliko Turnovo, our former capital city.

On your way to the ancient town (approximately 1.5 hours), you will cross the mighty Balkan Mountain (or Stara Planina). The passage is very scenic, on the top you will enjoy a breathtaking view to North and South Bulgaria. The monument there is epic for the locals, as it is connected with the Russo-Turkish War.

Veliko Turnovo is one of the oldest towns in the country. You can enjoy the Old Town, the medieval fortress Tsarevets, the St. Forty Holy Martyrs temple, some other temples nearby, the Arbanasi archeological reserve, and many more.
Walking with a tour guide in Veliko Turnovo depending on the program.

Accommodation in Veliko Turnovo (central location and authentic atmosphere). The hotel provides romance and comfort by the banks of the river, overlooking the Sveta Gora Hill and Four-Horseman monument.

Tsarevets Veliko Turnovo

12 Day

Our suggestions for the day include:

Authentic village with remarkable architecture located on a high plateau 4 km from the city of Veliko Tarnovo

Secluded waterfall in the surroundings of the city. It is a favorite destination for nature lovers and local people who come here to relax and escape from the bustle of the city life.

Monasteries and magnificent cave in the area

Second Accommodation in Veliko Turnovo

Arbanasi Veliko Turnovo Authentic Bulgaria

13 Day

Today you will travel to a small town famous as the city of the lilacs ( approximately 2 hours)

We suggest visiting on the way to the town a very famous Bulgarian Monastery with Wonder icon, called Three-handed Virgin Mary.

Some suggestions for the day include:
• Series of waterfalls in northern Bulgaria, famous with their picturesque landscape and many travertines.
• Cave with seven different-sized holes in the ceiling, through which sunlight penetrates and illuminates the central hall and part of its two fields. It is often used these days for the shooting of Hollywood movies.
• Walk in the old city with various historical and architectural monuments of local and national significance

Accommodation in a small town with an architectural legacy.

Devetashka cave

14 Day

On your way to Sofia (approximately 2.5 hours), we recommend an absolutely amazing sightseeing object located in Northern Bulgaria: the Cave with the God’s Eyes. The place is one of the most famous and easily accessible caves in Bulgaria. The cave is a natural long rock bridge. It is naturally lit thanks to its large entrances and cave holes – natural holes on the ceiling. These cave holes are precisely what makes the cave unique.
A couple of movies have been shot here and the location is also very popular for climbing.

Return of the rent-a-car at the hotel.

Accommodation in Sofia (same as Day 1)

Cave with God’s Eyes Prohodna

15 Day

The last day in Sofia is suggested for some free time, shopping or relax.

Our representative will accompany you on your way to the airport during the transfer and will collect your feedback from the journey.

Sofia National Art Gallery Sofia Walking Tour
Individual tours in Bulgaria

“We had a great vacation and wonderful impressions from Bulgaria with Smartplanny!
We loved the 7 Rila Lakes, the old city of Plovdiv, Melnik, and Sozopol!
Bulgaria is a great and diverse country with overwhelming nature and rich heritage.
The tour had the perfect balance between: “ to see much sightseeing” and “ to have a relaxed time”. Highly recommended!”

Ralf, Switzerland, September 2018

“My experience with Smartplanny and the tour they organized for us – Adventure in Nature & History were excellent and I can recommend sincerely their services.
The hotels and accommodations were very well selected in top locations in the city centers, the staff was friendly and reliable. All city tours were very professional and inspiring.
The route was very good organized and we were amazed everywhere by the beautiful landscape and ancient relics.”

Felix, Germany, October 2018

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